How a Chihuahua behaves

How to Handle Your Chihuahua Puppy?

How a Chihuahua behaves Chihuahua temperament depends on the genetic temperament of their parents and grandparents. Their small size makes them delicate and vulnerable to injuries and attacks from larger animals. Like all dogs, they benefit from appropriate socialization and training. Chihuahuas tend to learn better when being rewarded positive reinforcement, such as a treat […]

Difference between apple head and deer head chihuahua

difference between apple head and deer head chihuahua

Dogs of any coat type may be identified as either “apple head” or “deer head” Chihuahuas. Apple heads have rounded heads, close-set eyes, and relatively short ears and legs. Deer heads have flat-topped heads, more widely set eyes, larger ears, and longer, more slender legs. Deer heads were the breed standard confirmation in the mid-20th […]

Chihuahua size and appearance

Chihuahua size

Chihuahua size, the chihuahua is the smallest breed recognized by some kennel clubs.There are two varieties of Chihuahua – the Smooth Coat (smooth-haired) and the Long Coat (long-haired). The Kennel Club considers the two to be distinct breeds; mating between the two is not eligible for KC registration.Both the Smooth and the Long Coats have […]

Chihuahua health issues

Chihuahua health issues

Chihuahua health issues, This breed requires expert veterinary attention in areas such as birthing and dental care. Dental care is a must for these small dogs, whose jaw size makes for weaker teeth. Although daily brushing provides the best preventive measure, feeding a dental diet or using dental chews for dogs is effective approach pet […]