Training your chihuahua dog

Training your chihuahua dog

Training your chihuahua dog to be friendly as soon as you bring him home. To do this, be sure to socialize him as much as you can with people as well as with other pets. If you are introducing your Chihuahua to other pets, be sure to have treats for both animals on hand so they can meet on the common ground over food.

If you are introducing your Chihuahua to other animals that do not live in your home, be sure you know the owners and are comfortable with the animals to keep both animals safe during your initial meeting. Be persistent and consistent with his training. Your Chihuahua can be friendly to people and animals, but you have to insist he behaves as so. Keep your training sessions short with lots of rewards.

As the world’s tiniest breed, they are perfectly pocket-sized and make for a fun companion, especially when you learn how to train a Chihuahua to do cute tricks!
Their popularity has grown even more in the past 20 years thanks to so many celebrities who have made mini-me celebrities out of their cheeky Chihuahuas.

However, if you’re considering getting a Chihuahua, it’s important to get a full picture of their training requirements to avoid dealing with some of the common complaints about the breed.
If you took a poll amongst Chihuahua owners, dog trainers, and breeders, you might get several conflicting answers to the question, “Are Chihuahuas hard to train?”

Training your chihuahua dog

2 thoughts on “Training your chihuahua dog

  1. mark morgan says:

    We recently adopted Messi from an abusive home and he came with some unfavorable traits. He is mostly nice and laid back, but occasionally he becomes EXTREMELY aggressive. For example, if you try to move him from the bed while he is resting he will attempt to bite your arm off. You can’t even pick him up to move him without getting bit, it takes him sometimes 20-30 times telling him “OFF!” in my deepest voice. He also will occasionally try to bite if he doesn’t want to be picked up, if you grab his toy at the wrong time, or walk near his food bowl. Please help!

  2. Suzzy william says:

    Hi, l have three dogs a Suzuki cross Chinese crested, a long-haired Chihuahua, and a short hair Chihuahua. The first two are well behaved, but the youngest who is 3& half, will only come on recall when it suits her, l have tried taking her out on her own for training, and she always comes, but when with the others she reverts to doing her own thing. Can you advise me? thanking you

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